Vikas Sharma | Retouching Artist

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A self-taught artist Vikas Sharma comes from the school of thought of beauty in simplicity. “When you shred things down to the bare minimum, removed of any thread of pretention, what remains is an essence and it is beautiful in itself. The simpler the picture, the more it is remembered,” believes Vikas. 

Currently based in Los Angeles, Vikas left a potential career in engineering, to pursue his incipient passion in photography and the visual arts. His journey began in 2000 in Mumbai where he worked in the film industry of Bollywood as well as advertising and fashion.  His drive and personal style in photography took him further to New York City in 2006, where he worked for six years before moving to the West coast. Vikas has a graduate degree in philosophy from the university of Mumbai and he believes that delving into the subject, having an inclination for a ceaseless philosophical inquiry of life has molded his approach to the visual arts. “The two fields are harmonious. I feel that my thought processes evolve and stem from my philosophical pursuits and as a result, my work becomes an extension of my mind and personality.” Vikas is passionate about art, cinema and music and has previously explored oil painting and other visual arts. He is an accomplished retouching artist and his learning-by-doing approach has allowed him to work with a tacit knowledge and intuition in his chosen craft.

His work displays an extraordinary quality and he has worked with various important clients on an international level. He has a strong background in photography, which sets him above and beyond his contemporaries in the field of digital photo retouching. As a photographer it is natural to be possessive and protective of your work. And a retouching artist has a power that can easily be over-used. It is easy to go wrong with it. Vikas has shown a judgment and sense of balance that only comes after a lasting experience. He is clearly a very fast and keen learner and he quickly picks up on the goals of each campaign, and its desired tone and image. Having depth as an artist is one thing, and meeting deadlines and convincing business clients with great artwork is another. And it is extremely crucial to maintain a level of quality that is cutting edge and non-negotiable. Our industry benchmark is not easy to achieve and maintain. Mediocrity doesn’t withstand. To top that it is done under extreme constraints of time. Vikas is rock solid, dependable and a solutions seeker. No successful campaign is a one-man job. Vikas is a team player. His biggest strength is that he makes the most difficult projects look easy and he is a master of always making the best out of everything.


Lexus, VW, Acura, Smirnoff, Netflix, Target, Farmer's Insurance, LG, Honda, Reebok, Chrysler, Infinity, Ford, Mitsubishi, Samsung, Pepsi Naked, Belvedere Vodka, Gucci, PeaPod, Almay, Con Edison, Goop, GNC, Silverstein, Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, Disney, Nintendo, Sony Pictures, Swiss Army, Loreal, Verizon, London Olympics 2012 for NBC. Gillete, Jenson Jewellery, Tom Ford, Makeup Forever Cosmetics, Fed-ex, Hutch, Cadbury’s, Sahara India, Kinetic, and FIG.